Modern Meetings


With the arrival of millennials and Generation Z in the workplace, our way of working has changed considerably. Modern technology is used to enable flexible working and digital collaboration. The corona crisis has given this trend a huge boost.


Face-to-face meetings have become a challenge and we rely on technology more than ever. Remote working and digital collaboration is the new standard, also when it comes to meetings. Traditional meeting rooms no longer meet the requirements of the future.

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How video collaboration changes work 

Even after the Corona crisis, people want to have the opportunity to work from home more often. With the right technology, the use of modern meeting tools and video collaboration has a positive effect on time savings, productivity and employee satisfaction. More than half of employees are already using video in their meetings. This number will only increase in the future.


How to make your meetings more efficient and future-proof

With modern meetings you improve the quality of meetings and collaborations compared to traditional meetings. If your meeting room is well equipped, you will gain time, money and productivity. It is important that you have the right technology and the right tools that are needed for your type of meeting.

Do you want to know how to set up the perfect modern meeting room?

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