How do you keep up with the growing data within your company?

Data growth

Data is the beating heart of an organisation. It grows at a fast pace every year, but how do you keep up with it? This exponential growth in data carries brings along many potential dangers and costs.


On average, a company undergoes no less than four unplanned outages in one year. That is why it is extremely important that important data is handled with care.

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Shadow IT, what is it and what can you do about it?

Shadow IT is the nightmare of every IT manager. But why?When software or hardware is used which is not compatible with the IT department, this can result in data leaks. Ultimately, it is difficult to determine the cause of such a data leak.


It is no surprise that Shadow IT is becoming more common.  Many employees are annoyed by the limitations of the current IT infrastructure. Because of a complex business policy regarding telephones, mobile equipment, document sharing or working in the cloud, employees are moving to their own user-friendly alternatives: private devices and applications. Read here how you can prevent this in your company.


Edge Computing: scalable, flexible and well organized.

The entrance of all smart devices and sensors has led to a proliferation of data. This large amount of data is available, but what do you do with it? How can you use all this data in a valuable way? By using Edge Computing, the data is first processed, at the edge of the network, before it is sent to the cloud.


This brings many advantages in terms of scalability, flexibility and provides a better overview in your organization. Read in this blog how Edge Computing can change the data processing in your organization and make it easier!


How to get more out of your business data with BI.

Collecting data, analysing it, and using it intelligently. Business Intelligence is a smart way to use your data in an efficient way for your company. Based on analyzed data, you will gain new insights. In this way, data is cleverly used in business processes to make faster and strategic decisions.


In this blog we will tell you how to get started. And even more important: how to successfully implement it throughout your entire organisation.

The importance of effective data management in your company.

Do you find it difficult to keep an overview of the large amount of data in your organization? Efficient data management can help you to map out all your available data. But also in securing your data, to avoid external risks.


How can you set this up as well as possible and what do you have to take into account if you are going to manage and optimise your data? Discover in this ebook how you can best approach your data management.

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