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IT2030 Webinar

How do you optimize
the international IT procurement process?

5 november 2019
11.00 – 11.40

How does your organization respond to the International IT Procurement challenges?

We missed you at the IT2030 Webinar: How do you optimize the international IT purchase process?

IT2030 Webinar

Public Speakers:

Wesley de Jong
dennis veestraeten

International Business experts van Bechtle

Wesley de Jong, International Account Director
Dennis Veestraeten, Enterprise Accountmanager

What can you expect?

During this webinar the International Business experts from Bechtle and ARP will give tips and tricks on how you, as an international organisation, can best optimise your IT procurement processes. You will receive concrete advice and insights that you can immediately apply in practice. What is discussed during the webinar? 


  • How can you optimize the procurement process through E-Procurement?
  • How can you save on unnecessary IT spending?
  • How do you get a grip on your international expenses?
  • How do you set up your pricing strategy for efficient IT procurement?
  • What impact will Brexit have on your international IT budget? 

IT2030 Webinar

Download the infographic!

Also download the infographic “save costs on your purchasing processes through purchasing consolidation”. On average, it costs an organization approximately €600 – €1200 in internal costs to find each IT supplier and execute transactions with them. These are costs on which every company would do a lot. …can save money.


The infographic “Save costs on your procurement processes through procurement consolidation” gives a clear picture of how you can save on procurement costs, what current problems exist within the procurement process of the companies and how the overall IT budget is spent within European companies.