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International IT Purchase Strategy

It is clear that companies are acting more and more internationally these days. The challenges of a developing international market determine a large proportion of your profit. The purchasing strategy of your company plays an important role in this. But what does this actually involve?

IT2030 Webinar – How do you optimize the international IT procurement process?

We missed you at the IT2030 Webinar: How do you optimize the international IT purchase process?

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How can you save on your IT spend?

Many processes directly influence your overall results. However, many organizations underestimate the impact on the financial return of decentralized purchasing.

By setting up your procurement process in a more efficient way, you will be able to saves a huge amount of time and reduce direct and indirect IT procurement costs.

What questions should you ask yourself as an international organization? And what are the quick wins for your organization to optimize the purchasing process? Find out all about it in our white paper.

The first step is to analyze the current direct and indirect costs.


Process optimization through e-procurement.

A staggering  42% of international organizations do not work with a manual billing process. However, research shows that 92% of suppliers and customers prefer to transfer payments with a digital procurement system.


This makes sense, since a clear, standardized e-procurement system can help you save drastically on costs.  With E-procurement you can create your own ERP system. With the intervention of P2P software you can make free online purchases and place orders effortlessly.


Want to know more? Discover the benefits of e-procurement in our infographic.

By optimizing your processes, you can tackle daily frustrations such as lenghty purchasing processes, chaotic communication and unnecessary delays. An efficient design of your business process can bring enormous benefits, both financially and competitively.


By automating processes you not only save time, but also reduce the margin of employee error.


Gain competitive advantage by implementing a fitting procurement system. This provides more transparency, and saves time and costs.

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Central vs. decentralized purchasing agreements. How to choose?

How much can you gain by implementing a more efficient procurement process within your organization? More than you would expect!

More and more organizations are opting for central agreements with a focus on decentralized operation.

Did you know that international organizations with central purchasing and decentralized agreements have proven to be more efficient?

IT (purchasing) policy in International Organizations

How do you minimize IT spending in your international organization for the coming years?

56% of large, international organizations have a higher IT budget for 2019 than for previous years. Chances are the same applies to your company.


The main cause for this increase is the necessity to replace dated hardware. In addition, the growing amount of security threats play an important role in this development.


How do you ensure that every euro of the IT budget is spent wisely, while simultaneously being able to save on IT processes? Find out how on IT 2030.

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Process optimization through e-procurement.

Nobody knows what the exact outcome of Brexit will be. However, it is expected that it will lead to many changes in the supply chains of international organizations. Think of the many new trade agreements and regulations concerning customs that have to be reached.

Consider shifting to a local supplier for your business. After all, the availability of your products is very important.