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Best Practice Guide

IT Persona’s

What does the IT landscape of your organisation look like? Chances are that there are different types of devices, smartphones and tablets in use, as this is common in most organisations. Unfortunately, this is not very practical, as it makes it harder for IT managers to have a clear overview. After all, they have to ensure that all devices are equally secure and economically interesting for the company, but also that the devices comply to the usability and expected productivity of the employee. Because of these factors, it is difficult to determine a proper strategy for managing these various devices.


Among a range of other things, our Best Practice Guide explains:

✓ What benefits (IT) personas bring to your organization;

✓ How to put (IT) personas in the spotlight;

✓ What (IT) personas look like in practice;

✓ How an XAAS solution makes creating IT personas easy.



Download the guide here (for free)


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