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IT managers have seen huge changes to their role over recent years, partly as a result of digitisation and the new way of working. This means your job as an IT manager has become a lot more challenging and complex. In addition to maintaining your IT, you’re now expected to be involved in strategic decisions. However, more than half of the IT managers say their workload is excessive and that they barely have time to make a dent in it. This increasing workload is not going away any time soon. 


At the same time, the IT sector has been suffering from long-standing staff shortages. This in combination with an increasing workload may cause problems in the future. 

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5 tips to get a better grip on your IT landscape

To free up more time for innovation and transformation, something will have to change at your IT department. If the current trend continues in the next years, you’ll still be faced with a significant staff shortage at a time when IT is becoming increasingly important.


How do you deal with the multitude of changes? Our blog has five tips for you that can help you prepare for the time to come. For example, centrally managing and securing your IT frees up time for important things, such as planning for the future. Creating and standardising profiles and user groups at your company, alongside choosing a good workplace strategy, increases user satisfaction and reduces the time you spend on low-value, high-effort tasks. 


DaaS frees up time

Today, over half of shop-floor employees are millennials or part of Gen Z. We’ve seen that this younger group of employees have very different IT requirements and preferences. They’re used to working with the latest technology and want to remain mobile in terms of work. At home, on the road, or at the office, they need to be able to connect with their work and colleagues anywhere – and they expect their employer to make this all possible. 


Looking to the future, over 75% of the shop-floor workforce could be made up of millennials by 2030. This adds a new challenge and complexity to your job as an IT manager. At the same time, the digital revolution shows no signs of stopping, with technological developments moving so fast that it’s hard to keep up. Even so, the new generation expects to be able to work with the latest technology and fastest devices. 


In practice, however, most IT managers have little time for innovation and transformation, as they’re spending too much time on device management. How do you prepare your IT for the future? 

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Discover how DaaS can support your organisation

Device as a Service is becoming more and more popular in companies. You enjoy the best and always functioning devices for a fixed, transparent amount per month. On top, the IT-department is being unburdened because device and incident management are being taken over for the most part.


Haven’t you switched yet? Watch our webinar and discover if Device as a Service fits your organisation!