Digitization, flexible working and strict security requirements.

From paper to digital

Processes are becoming increasingly digital and mobile printing is on the rise. Yet 65% of companies lag behind in the digitization of their processes.


But rest assured, a few small steps you will get you a long way! Ensuring that all employees work with the right digital tools is very important. And have you ever thought about linking software packages or optimizing your workflows? Just the right link between the scan function and a package like AFAS can save your organization a lot of time.


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van papier naar digitaal
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CSR Sustainable printing

A sustainable business. How do you achieve that? Relatively small adjustments can contribute to a more sustainable world in a major way.


But did you know that this can have a positive impact on your reputation as well? For example, investing in multifunctional device that can do everything is a great start. Print, scan and copy with just one device. This way, you save maintenance costs and your employees are more productive. A win-win, right?

In our blog, we tell you all about how you can make your organization more sustainable with just a few small adjustments to your printing environment. 

Avoid unnecessary printing.

Paperless work.

Would you like to work in a safe and efficient way?


The average employee in your organization spends a staggering 18 minutes a day searching for paper documents. Quite a waste of time, right? That’s why you need to reduce your daily prints and start digitizing your print environment. By being able to work at any location at any time, they are more productive. Because documents are available 24/7.


Would you like to know more about the other benefits you can achieve by going from paper to digital? Find out in our infographic.