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– by Manon Smulders –

Which unnecessary costs can you eliminate in your procurement process? And how can you do so?

You can consider process optimization.

A number of factors play a role in the optimization of business processes. Beginning by gaining clear insight into the areas in which you wish your business to distinguish itself lays firm foundations for the process optimization. This enables you to address everyday frustration caused by problems such as lengthy procurement processes, chaotic communication and frequent delays. An efficient design of your business processes can yield you tremendous financial and commercial benefits.


Automating processes not only saves employee time but also lowers the risk of manual errors. Time savings also reduce indirect costs and provide colleagues more time to focus on the really important issues. Automated processes need to take account of human needs and, consequently, yield added value.


Process digitization offers an ideal opportunity to gain a competitive edge. Digitized procurement processes make a major contribution to the achievement of this goal. Implementing an appropriate procurement system increases transparency – and a completely digitized process saves you time and reduces costs.

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Benefits of automation and digitization in combination with central agreements:

  • Benefits of scale assist in reaching agreements
  • Reduced risk of errors
  • Introduction/optimization of SLAs
  • Consolidated, standardized reports
  • Savings in indirect procurement and administration costs

Process optimization focuses on improvements in efficiency and savings in indirect costs. Your procurement process can be optimized with just a number of quick wins. If you are interested in finding out how your organization can gain these immediate benefits, then you are welcome to contact IT 2030.

Optimize your purchasing process with the integration of e-procurement.

E-procurement enables your organization to achieve efficient cost savings.