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You probably notice it when you talk about it with fellow IT professionals: IT teams are getting smaller, but the tasks are only increasing. How are you coping? Are there other IT challenges you face? Today’s IT managers are experiencing increasingly higher expectations. At IT2030, we have listed some common challenges. Do you recognise them?

Challenge 1: Overview IT expenses

“My CFO asked me how much I was spending on IT per employee. Unfortunately, I could not answer this question”, does that sound familiar to you? We understand that this is a difficult question if you use different services or partners for each user. That is why more and more organisations are switching to an OPEX model. In such a model, you pay a predetermined amount every month to one external party. This way, the costs per user are the same and you can keep an easy overview of your IT costs. Have you thought about switching to an OPEX model?


Challenge 2: Shrinking IT teams

“My IT team is getting too small and therefore no longer has time to configure new devices. What if we need to install 50 new devices? That could take at least two weeks and we need those hours for other IT projects”, are you experiencing this as well? IT teams are getting smaller and smaller, which means that there are also fewer and fewer employees for the configuration and purchase of hardware. Zero touch deployment could be a solution to your problem. With this solution, all devices are delivered and ready to use at the office or at the end user’s home.


Challenge 3: Employees have more and more desires

“Millennials have been on the labour market for years, currently we are also welcoming Gen Z. These age groups have grown up with technology and are much more demanding when it comes to work equipment. How can we keep them happy?” – tricky situation, isn’t it? If your organisation is responsible for the purchase of hardware, it is difficult to meet the needs of every employee. Device as a Service can be a solution. With a DAAS solution you always offer new colleagues the latest devices and (future) employees can count on their devices being replaced every three years.

Do you recognise yourself in the above situations? Check out our page on Device as a Service to dive deeper into the subject.

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